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Asia/Africa Project Agencies ApS - Vesterbjerg 56 - 2670 Greve - Denmark

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Asia/Africa Project Agencies ( APA)  was  founded in Denmark by Mr. Henrik Rasmussen  January 1st, 2001 following a take over of EAC Trading, Denmark’s project, agency and consumer businesses in Africa. Mr. Henrik Rasmussen left EAC Trading at the same time following 30 years employment primarily within EAC’s Africa businesses. (EAC Trading being a subsidiary company of the renown conglomerate The East Asiatic Co. Ltd., Denmark EAC or ØK in Danish). 

At the same time APA took over from EAC’s daughter companies in Africa (The Old East African Trading Co. Ltd., located in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) their corresponding or complementary range of project, agency and consumer businesses. These businesses have been relocated in three new companies today named Asia/Africa Project Agencies Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The entire staff engaged in the projects businesses both within EAC and Old East have joined the respective new operations. 

Besides the new APA offices all EAC's partners throughout Africa (see APA Africa button) have accepted that all co-operation agreements with EAC have been transferred to Asia/Africa Project Agencies, Denmark ApS. 

Therefore, continuity has been ensured and the present staff and partners combined represent more than 150 years of dedicated project and general business experience in a vast number of African countries. 

In July 2006 we decided to change our company name adding Asia to Africa Project Agencies ApS. The name change reflects our successful return to Asia - which we started in 2004 - where again a number of EAC's former partners now represents APA and considerable business have been concluded.

Our core business areas APA Projects, and APA Agencies are overlapping and supporting each other. The distinction is made solely to ensure focus on all our businesses.

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